Optical Communications



Neptec’s Combined Laser Communication and Situational Awareness System (CSAS) is offered as a lightweight, low-power, cost-effective and secure communication link between satellites that also provides distance ranging information and time synchronization in support of formation flying. Offering higher data rates than traditional radio frequency (RF) communications as well as a reduction in size, mass and power, CSAS features improved channel security, a reduced antennae size up to 90% smaller than RF antennae and the elimination of interference with other sensitive RF equipment.

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Neptec is the payload integrator for the CSA’s Quantum Encryption and Science Satellite (QEYSSat) program.  QEYSSat aims to demonstrate the generation of encryption keys through the creation of quantum links between ground and space, and also to conduct fundamental science investigations of long-distance quantum entanglement.  Neptec has contributed key opto-electronic elements to the QEYSSat payload design and is currently pursuing the developments of both optical ground receiver (OGR) and a satellite optical terminal (SOT).  These developments will allow Neptec to offer satellite operators a total system solution for ultrahigh data throughput applications based on optical communications.

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