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The Mission

In late 2020, the world’s first precision formation flying mission will take place. The Project for On-Board Autonomy (Proba) is a series of satellite missions by the European Space Agency (ESA). The third mission in the project, Proba-3 is dedicated to the demonstration of technologies and techniques for highly-precise satellite formation flying.

Neptec’s FLLS technology is central to the PROBA-3 mission

Neptec’s Fine Lateral and Longitudinal Sensor (FLLS) is a laser-based instrument designed to measure the lateral and longitudinal displacements between two cooperating spacecraft to sub-millimeter accuracy. This sensor is a critical component of the precise formation flying technologies ESA intends to demonstrate in-orbit with its Proba-3 spacecraft.

Proba-3 is comprised of two spacecraft; the Occulter Spacecraft (OSC) and the Coronagraph Spacecraft (CSC) which by precise formation flying will become a virtually fixed structure in space. Proba-3 is predominantly a technology demonstrator, exploring precision formation-flying techniques so that future multiple satellites flying together could perform equivalent tasks to a single giant spacecraft. However, Proba-3 will also use this opportunity to study the Sun’s corona by creating an artificial eclipse using a disk-shaped occultor on one spacecraft so that the coronagraph instrument can scrutinise the corona on the other spacecraft. This creates conditions that are normally only viewed during a solar eclipse.

Scientists have been able to study the sun’s corona during solar eclipse’ and other Sun-observing missions however, the brief window of opportunity during a terrestrial solar eclipse and stray light through Earth’s atmosphere have proven to be  limiting factors. The Proba-3 mission will provide the closest view of the corona that has ever been achieved – allowing scientists to study the region where solar wind and coronal mass ejections are born in order to better understand these phenomena.

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Neptec's FLLS is being designed and developed in the United Kingdom & Canada

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