About Us

Neptec Design Group produces electro-optical and electro-mechanical systems for mission critical space applications. We are a world class supplier of high performance intelligent LIDAR and an innovator in the world of vision systems. In our nearly thirty year history, Neptec has contributed critical systems to some of the most demanding space exploration missions and built a reputation for making things work in challenging environments. Neptec Design Group has operations in Canada, the USA and the UK and is ISO 9001 certified

Company Facts

Neptec Design Group Ltd. was founded in 1990, is privately held and operates as Neptec which develops innovative technologies and systems for the space market. It has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Neptec UK Ltd. and Neptec USA Ltd.  The company specializes in the development of space qualified LiDAR systems, metrology instruments, IR cameras and other intelligent sensors and space systems.

In 2009, Neptec created a business unit to explore commercialization opportunities outside of the Space market. This strategy culminated in the creation of Neptec Technologies Corp. in 2011. Neptec Technologies is a separate company that develops and manufactures innovative 3D laser scanning systems and solutions for the Robotics and Autonomous Systems markets.

Our Vision

At Neptec we seek to grow a diverse and profitable company which returns value to our stakeholders. We seek to become a valuable and preferred supplier to our customers and an essential and valued team member to our partners. Finally, we seek to provide a stimulating work environment which provides equal measures of challenge and reward to the people who work here.

Neptec’s mission is to: 

Be a world-class supplier to the international space community by providing superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment in order to generate consistent profitable growth and a fair return to our stakeholders and employees.

At Neptec we value:

  • Accuracy, completeness and attention to detail because the solutions we provide require them.
  • Innovation, creativity and patience because the problems we solve demand them.
  • Diligence, transparency, honesty and integrity because our stakeholders, customers, partners and employees deserve nothing less.

Our Awards

Neptec personnel have won wide recognition for their performance, innovation and dedication to quality.

2011 – NASA George M. Low Award: 

Neptec achieved the highest possible contractor performance rating from NASA three years in a row; and in 2011, was recognized with the George M. Low Award, NASA’s premier award for quality and performance. This marked the first time a non-American company has won since the award was established in 1985.

2015 – Best Ottawa Business:

The Best Ottawa Business Awards (BOBs) is an annual awards ceremony and gala that seeks to recognize the most successful and innovative companies and business leaders who are driving economic growth and prosperity in the nation’s capital.

Images credit NASA